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Product information

Available in: 21mm wide or 47mm - Please select from the drop down menu before checking out

The E-TECH Body and Bumper Guard fits along the side of your vehicle or to the bumpers and is designed to act as a buffer to prevent damage to the body paintwork.

The knocks, dents and chips that your vulnerable body and paintwork can acquire in a car park from other cars or from opening the door onto a pillar or post can be prevented.

The Body and Bumper Guard is self adhesive and uses high quality automotive adhesive tape which is applied to a primer that will guarantee a secure adhesion.

Supplied in a 5 metre roll, with 8 precision injection moulded end caps, enough to cover most cars, and it is simple to fit.

These can be fitted to any painted metal panel in any position and also to most bumpers.


  • Discreet low profile design offers protection for vulnerable bodywork
  • Can be used to highlight vehicle body contour lines
  • Ideal for exposed bumper corners & protruding edges
  • Protects paintwork from annoying 'car park' aquired chips and dents etc.
  • Will stick to painted metal surfaces, most plastics, glass fibre & composite materials


Colour: Black

Roll Length: 5 metres

3M Adhesive tape pre bonded to the entire roll

8 x self-adhesive end caps supplied along with 2 x E-TECH Cleaning Sachets



IMPORTANT - Read the instructions below before fitting the Body and Bumper Guard

Thoroughly clean the area where the Body and Bumper Guard is going to be fitted.

IMPORTANT: This area must be completely free of all traces of oil, grease, wax, polish, dirt, dust and mosture. Thoroughly dry the area.

Do not fit in temperatures below 55ºF (13ºC) as this affects the adhesion of the product.  If the temperature is below 55ºF (13ºC) you can warm the Body and Bumper Guard up and the area where it is going to be stuck using a hair dryer or by fitting it in a warm garage.

After you have cleaned the area where the Body and Bumper Guard is going to be fitted using the 'Surface Cleaner' sachet provided. wipe around the area where the Guard is going to be applied. The surface cleaner will prepare the bonding are for the Body and Bumper Guard so a strong adhesion is achieved.

When you have decided where you want to fit the Body and Bumper Guard, unroll it and measure the lengths needed.  Cut the Body and Bumper Guard to the required lengths using a sharp knife or pruning shears.

If you are fitting the Body and Bumper Guard across door shut lines, remember to allow approx 5-10mm gap from the door shut edge. Ensure that the Guard does not foul the door opening and closing.

Offer up the cut lengths of Body and Bumper Guard – make sure you have them in the correct position, peel back only 5 or 6cm of the backing paper and fold this down to leave a flap.  Do not touch the adhesive tape or the bonding area with your fingers.

Stick the exposed end of the Body and Bumper Guard in position and rub down gently. Then pull the flap of the backing paper away from the Body and Bumper Guard a few cm at a time and slowly stick the rest of it in position, rubbing down gently as you go.  Once the moulding is in place it should not be removed. Repeat the process for all the lengths.

The Body and Bumper Guard can be fitted round right angle corners by cutting the trim at a 45º angle. This should produce a neat join line.

Please bear in mind the Body and Bumper Guard is a self-adhesive product and is designed to be fitted to flat and single curvature surfaces. There is a degree of side to side flexibility with the product but no more that 5 or 10%. If you force the product it is unlikely to stay stuck in the position you have chosen for very long.

We recommend that if you want to fit the product around a tight bend or a 90º angle that you cut/trim the guard to the appropriate angle so a neat join can be made.


Now with the moulding in position stick the injection moulded end caps over the ends of the moulding for a professional finish

Rub the Body and Bumper Guard and the end caps hard for 3 or 4 times to ensure maximum bond is made. Repeat above process after 1, 6 and 24 hours.

The adhesive tape takes time to cure so please do not wash car by hand within 3 days of installation and do not put your vehicle through a car wash for 7 days.

Technical specifications

Code: AJAM56C
Weight: 0.2kg


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