Fibre Reinforced Hole Bridging Filler

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Product information

Our vehicle ‘Repair & Restoration’ range has been developed to provide an effective and economic solution to repairing vehicle damage.
The product range provides a step by step, start to finish approach to achieving an improved vehicle appearance, while also aiding in resale value.
Supplied with comprehensive, easy to follow instructions – all of the products in the ‘Repair & Restoration’ range are manufactured from the latest in polymer, polyester and adhesion technology – and would compete with any professional bodyshop product.

Fibre Reinforced Hole Bridging Filler - 352g tin - 350g filler, 12g hardener

Give structural stength to any repair,.  Ideal for filing and bridging holes, splits and cracks and for repairing rust damaged areas.
  • Ideal for repairing rust damaged areas - rusted wings, rust bubbles, wheel and door edges etc.
  • Gives structural strength to any repair.
  • Perfect for filling rust damaged areas and rust spots.
  • Ultra strong adhesion to bodywork.
  • Impact resistant, fast setting and waterproof.
  • Provides a secure platform to build up layers of body filler for a smooth surface finish.

Technical specifications

Code: ER00105
Condition: New
Weight: 0.5kg