Jaguar F Pace Privacy Shades

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Product information

Car Shades are tailored fit vehicle sunshades designed specifically to fit easily to your JAGUAR F PACE .
The shades give 100% window coverage of rear side windows and tailgate windows - 6 piece kit.

Car Shades can be installed within your JAGUAR in a matter of minutes and can be removed just as easily giving you the flexibility that you just don't get with tinted windows. Each set is supplied with installation instructions, fixing clips and a handy storage bag.

As well as acting as a sunshade to make for a more pleasant and comfortable journey for children, pets and other rear seat passengers the tailored nature of the shades makes them a fantastic styling accessory, too. Best of all, the tinted appearance of Car Shades also increases the security of your vehicle, hiding any items that you may have inadvertently left on show.

The rear windows on your JAGUAR can still be opened whilst the shades are installed allowing you to get extra ventilation into your vehicle whilst still keeping sunlight out of the eyes of rear seat passengers. With the windows up however, the cabin temperature remains lower than with an unshaded car, allowing the vehicle's cabin ventilation or air-con system to work at a lower rate, saving you fuel and lowering your emissions.

Car Shades are proudly manufactured in the UK and are approved by a number of leading vehicle manufacturers.

Keep Cool - Privacy Shades help to reduce heat in the car by blocking out sunlight, allowing for a more pleasant journey.

Anti Glare
- Privacy Shades help to prevent the sudden 'dazzle' from headlights of the following traffic and sunlight. Especially effective when the sun is low during the autumn and winter months.

Ventilation- Privacy Shades are the perfect way to help keep your pets protected from the sunlight whilst travelling, even with the windows open, helping to keep them well ventilated.

Bug Blocker - Privacy Shades remain in place even whilst driving with the rear windows open, helping to prevent insects from entering your vehicle.

Security- Privacy Shades provide a substantial degree of security by adding a darkened effect to your windows, helping to deter potential thieves.

UV Protection - Privacy Shades help protect children and other rear seat passengers from harmful UV rays. The shades remain in place even with your windows open, helping to ensure passenger safety and comfort.


Technical specifications

Code: AJFP01
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