Puncturesafe Total Tyre Protection

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Product information

PunctureSafe is a special blend of polymers which coats and clings to your vehicle's inner tyre. 

PunctureSafe is a "permanent" puncture prevention treatment and tyre life extender/conditioner.  PunctureSafe is not a get you home product, it is applied before the puncture occurs, and permanently seals punctures as they happen.

Once PunctureSafe has been installed, it lies dormant at the bottom of the tyre until the vehicle is first driven. Once driven a minimum of three to five miles, PunctureSafe disperses throughout the inner tyre and forms a coating on the inner surface of the tyre assembly. In order to get sidewall coverage it takes 1500+ miles to activate the FlexaGel to adhere to more of the inner tyre. The flexing of the tyre and the normal heat build-up allows PunctureSafe to seek out and eliminate common air loss problems. Puncturesafe then transforms the tyre assembly into a sealed air chamber, capable of maintaining proper air pressure.

The advanced technological sealing capabilities of PunctureSafe stand on guard to seal punctures as they happen. When a tyre is punctured, PunctureSafe coats the surface of the penetrating object, thus preventing air loss.

Supplied in 2 x 780ml bottles - ample amount for 4 car tyres.

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Code: AJAM40P
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