QuickSilver Exhaust Systems

Since 1973 QuickSilver have provided exhaust systems for the World's Finest Cars, offering a range that encompassess classic, prestige and exotic Sports Cars.
QuickSilver produce systems to increase performance and durability, improve appearance, enhance sound and reduce weight, saving up to 40 kgs against an OE equivalent.
QuickSilver specialize working with a wide range of materials providing an appropriate solution for road or circuit. The ISO 9001 Quality Certification is also the global benchmark for quality control.

Adamesh are privileged to be able to supply their customer's with QuickSilver's exquisite range of 'Moderns Sports Exhaust' systems - please follow the links below to see exactly what QuickSilver and Adamesh can offer you....
Jaguar XK & XKR (2006-2014) http://www.adamesh.co.uk/performance-parts-38-c.asp
Jaguar XK8 & XKR (1996-2006) http://www.adamesh.co.uk/performance-parts-162-c.asp
Jaguar XF http://www.adamesh.co.uk/performance-parts-152-c.asp
Jaguar X300 & X308 (1995-2003) http://www.adamesh.co.uk/performance-parts-181-c.asp
Jaguar X350 (2004-2008) http://www.adamesh.co.uk/performance-parts-182-c.asp
Jaguar S Type  http://www.adamesh.co.uk/performance-parts-184-c.asp