Technik 2in1 Filler & Primer

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Product information

Our vehicle ‘Repair & Restoration’ range has been developed to provide an effective and economic solution to repairing vehicle damage.
The product range provides a step by step, start to finish approach to achieving an improved vehicle appearance, while also aiding in resale value.
Supplied with comprehensive, easy to follow instructions – all of the products in the ‘Repair & Restoration’ range are manufactured from the latest in polymer, polyester and adhesion technology – and would compete with any professional bodyshop product.

Technik 2in1 Filler & Primer - 400ml can

Fills minor scuffs and scratches also primes the surface so it is ready for the top coat of paint.
  • Perfect for filled and sanded surfaces.
  • Ideal for smoothing out textured or rough surfaces.
  • Quick drying with great adhesion and coverage.
  • 'High build' and easy sanding provide great surface levelling properties.
Please note - due to shipping restrictions, we are unable to supply this product to International Customers.

Technical specifications

Code: ER00108
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